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Big Tony's Pizza

1528 West Sunset Ave.

Springdale, Arkansas 72764

(479) 756-3711



Sun- Thurs 11am - 10pm

Fri - Sat      11am - 11pm








Mozzarella Sticks $6.99 

Crunchy on the outside with a light breadcrumb coating. Hot gooey melted cheese in the middle.  Served with our special house blend of Marinara Sauce. Perfect with a glass of our delicious House Red Wine. 

Hot Wings or Boneless Wings ½ lb $7.50 

Served piping hot and tossed in a flavor of your choice.  Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing.  Taste great with an Ice Cold Beer! 

Meatballs ½ lb $7.50 

An oversized portion of our own homemade special blend of fresh ground beef and Big Tony spices from around the world.  Served hot with plenty of our own house blend of Marinara. 


Pizza Pie 

8” Cheese Pizza $8.00 

                        12” Cheese Pizza $12.00                       

    16” Cheese Pizza $16.00   


Choose a Thin and Crispy Crust or Traditional 


All of our pizzas are served with our own special house sauce and a delicious 5 cheese blend.  Add as many fresh topping as you choose from the list below!     

Premium Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Homemade Meatball, Onions, Canadian Bacon, Fresh Mushrooms, Breakfast Sausage, Black Olives, Pineapple, Green Pepper.  Small. $1.00 ea/ Medium $1.25 ea/ large $1.50 ea 


Calzone Feeds Two $13.00  


Our overstuffed Calzone is filled with our fresh 5 cheese blend, our own house blend of red sauce and Ricotta Cheese.  Choose to add any of the toppings above for only $1.50 ea. 



Salad Bar all you can eat as a meal $7.00, or add to any entrée for only $4.00 

Beverages all you can drink Coke products, Iced Tea, or Coffee for $1.50 

Please check our Beer and Wine list for additional drink options. 


Menu items in Red are homemade originals from Big Tony’s own recipes. 



Homemade Meatball $7.50 

Overstuffed with our own special 5 cheese blend, House Red Sauce, and Big Tony’s fresh homemade meatballs.  Served with Crunchy house chips. 

Chicken Parmesan $7.50 

Piping hot melted 5 cheese blend along with our House Red Sauce.  Served with Crunchy House Chips.  A Big Tony favorite! 

Italian Sausage $7.50 

Big Tony’s own secret recipe for super tasty Italian Sausage, coupled with sweet onions and green bell peppers and a nice portion of ou5 cheese blend and House Red Sauce.  Served with Crunchy House Chips. 

Build your own Grinder  $7.50 

Start with one topping of your choice and build from there.  Each additional topping from our selection is only $1.00 


Lasagna $8.00 

This multi layered creation of love is filled with ricotta cheese, 5 blend cheese, and our House Red Sauce making it a Big Tony favorite! 

Spaghetti $7.50 

Everyone’s favorite pasta dish served piping hot with our House Red Sauce.  Comes with Garlic Bread for wiping the plate clean! 



Chicken Parmesan $10.50 

A large portion of our delicious breaded chicken breasts served over a bead of our favorite Spaghetti.  Covered in our House Red Sauce and served with Garlic Bread. Yum! 

Chicken Alfredo $9.50 

Fast becoming an American favorite, this dish is served with a large portion of our select chicken breast strips and our creamy Garlic Alfredo Sauce.  A recipe invented by none other than Big Tony! 

Add Homemade Meatballs or Italian Sausage to any Pasta dish for only $2.00    


NY Style Cheesecake $4.00 perfect with a hot cup of Big Tony’s coffee!  Great way to top off a delicious meal. 

Little Tony’s 

Mini Cheese Pizza, or Spaghetti, or Mac & Cheese with a drink and Cookie for only $5.00 


Big Tony’s Pizzeria, 1528 W Sunset Ave, Springdale 479-756-3711

The story of Big Tony’s


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a little boy named Tony. He lived in the empire of the Little Caesar. Not a great place to be with if you are a curious little boy with a love for adventure and great food as there was no great food to be had in this land especially the pizza. However, as luck would have it his father was a world traveler, always on the road tending to his many business dealings in other countries, trading spices and foods in every small village or big city that he passed. For years little Tony followed his father into different regions. It’s a great experience for a boy with a taste for good food. He was able to sample many different pizzas. He sampled pizza made by an Irish man named Murphy that every one called Papa. He was able to try strange sounding pizza names like Domino. He even ate pizza in a hut once, but only once. Needless to say there was a lot of disappointing pizza in the world. No flavor. Even when he raced across America to sample someone’s Eureka idea for a pizza and someone named Jim’s idea for a Razorback inspired pie. Even then, he was met with deep disappointment. It was at that moment when Tony found his true calling in life, to bring all the great spices and flavors from around the world to his kitchen. There he would combine these great spices with fresh meats, cheeses and vegetables. Here locked away in his kitchen is where he perfected his proprietary blend for Italian sausage, bold and spicy, made from fresh ground pork every day. It’s also where he first used a combination of aged cheeses and fresh creamy mozzarella to create the perfect blend of pizza cheese. His excitement grew as he tackled the sauce searching the world over for just the right spices. It lead to the creation of a rich deep flavor of sauce so unique that it too is a proprietary blend that only Tony knows how to make. All these great recipes are worthless without a fantastic crust to hold them. So he worked and he worked and in time he was able to once again create the perfect recipe. A crust that is both thick and thin, crunchy and chewy, firm, yet soft. He had finally done it. He had created the perfect pizza pie. As you can imagine, it took a very long time for all of this to happen. Years in fact. In all those years of eating and sampling and eating and sampling, Little Tony grew into Big Tony. With all this great pizza knowledge, Big Tony looked back on his years of travel and remembered a place so beautiful and inviting. A place where the people are friendly and in desperate need of a great pizza. So Big Tony packed up his kitchen and his secret recipes and headed to the Ozarks. He settled in beautiful NW Arkansas. This is his home now. This is where he can share his taste for great pizza with the people of his community, his neighbors and friends. His mission is now complete. Please enjoy!